Broker Name Rank Recommended to Trade ? Broker Description and Special Advice Account Opened Account Closed Currently Profitable/Max loss Recommended for Banker's Nightmare?
NA Never

Please do not trade! Banned by Feds but still operates outside the USA

Brokers description

2004 2005 Gross losses of approx. $15,000 N/A
4 Yes – 10% of trade capital


Extremely risky but can be very profitable with shares and dividends.

Brokers description

2010 2013 Breakeven or small loss. Not trading currently. No 3 Yes – 10 % of trade capital

Allows several trade types (binary; forex). Appears to be a virtual trading machine.

Brokers description

2015 ~ Profitable but (in general) only when using BN strategies Yes (indirect assaults)
2 Yes – 20 % of trade capital

Profitable under certain conditions. Allows hedging leverage up to 888%.

Brokers description

2014 ~ Partially (hedged since 05/2017). Max loss approx. $45,000 Yes (Especially Direct Assaults)
1 Yes - 60 % of trade capital

Profitable for most trading and low leverage (50:1)

Brokers description

2014 ~ Yes / Max Loss (Due to User Error) $2500 USD Yes