The Banker’s Nightmare



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The Bankers’ Nightmare. Inspiring content for all novice and experienced traders, The Banker’s Nightmare explains the true conspiracy behind OTC Forex Trading (also known as “retail forex”). With the NFA (National Futures Association) estimating that the average retail FX account holder loses $16,000 US before quitting FX trading, something is definitely wrong with the current system! Writer Paul Lonsdale, an experienced FX trader with 21,000 hours of FX and share trading under his belt, and a successful career Technical Writer, explains in detail how OTC trading has been rigged from the start to defraud and liquidate retail traders. With copious examples and actual live account data from 2004 to the present, Paul provides quantifiable evidence of the criminality behind retail FX trading and the devious and diabolical behavior of most bank-funded liquidity houses and retail FX brokers. In perhaps the most compelling chapter, Paul provides a quantifiable and comprehensive solution to the disaster which awaits every novice FX trader: a novel methodology and attack plan (including a unique set of combined indicators and his own proprietary indicator) which, if implemented by enough traders (novice and seasoned alike), will void the blank check the Banksters have written for themselves on the backs of impoverished retail FX traders, and give them real nightmares for years to come. If you have any interest in retail FX trading; and even if you have had success in trading, this book will be of benefit to you!

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